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Our Story

Praxis Product Leadership organizes free classes and publications on product mastery and servant leadership. When our first leadership cohort kept going as a community even after our weekly program ended, I realized we had something special. This was cemented by my work in the Aspiring PM community.

Over the past four months, I’ve provided free 1:1 coaching for individuals needing interview prep assistance or looking to learn how to get into the Product Management discipline. In addition, I’ve worked with product leaders across the country—deep-diving into how we all can take our skills to the next level. What I’ve learned is that both communities have many overlapping needs, and would benefit from a fostered space to grow together.

Plus, product leadership community, was born.

Our goal with Plus is to scale the Praxis Product Leadership values we teach through our invite-only cohort-based program. In doing so, we will build a community of current and future product leaders who ascribe to servant leadership.

On behalf of the Plus community, we look forward to welcoming you,

“As someone new to product management, Praxis helped supercharge my skills.”

Plus Member / Praxis Cohort One

We are like minded leaders…

Who value…over
Servant leadershipCommand and control
Learning togetherGoing it alone
Team performanceIndividual performance
First principlesPopular opinion
Product LeadershipProduct Management
Article: Good > Great. https://community.praxisproduct.com/2020/07/03/good-is-greater-than-great/

One community—curated with smart zoning, to ensure each community has the space, content, and support it needs.

When you join Plus, think of it as joining a neighborhood. For example, Aspiring PMs, will have access to exclusive discussions and office hours not accessible to other communities. While Product Leaders have the space for focused practitioner to practitioner discussions and workshops.

Each neighborhood has to our shared space for cross-community discussions, Plus premium content, book clubs, open community workshops and more.

A cooperative not a school.

Servant leadership is reciprocal. To build and maintain a community that reflects our values, joining Plus is a commitment to giving forward, by sharing your story, engaging with other members questions and challenges, and being open and supportive with one another.

If you are simply looking for a how to guide on becoming a Great Product Manager, we may not be the community for you, because we’re honest. Becoming a great product manager is a journey, one in which we’re on together. Members are expected to contribute back. We regularly prune our membership to ensure everyone is sharing their challenges and learning journey.

Plus includes…

Aspiring PM
  • Access to leadership community
  • Access to Aspiring PM workshops
  • 1:1 career planning access
  • Plus Learning Community
  • Exclusive Member Articles
  • Job and career planning support
  • Support from Praxis community
  • Find a mentor
  • Monthly learning challenges
  • Active support
  • +more
Product Leader
  • Access to leadership community
  • Access to Product Leadership workshops
  • 1:1 coaching access
  • Plus Learning Community
  • Exclusive Member Articles
  • Support from Praxis community
  • Mentorship connections
  • Speaking and workshop opportunities
  • + more

Example discussions:

If you want to truly be a part of a community of world-class product and community leaders, learning together, join us and become a Plus member.

Community members from

Learn from cooperative experience.
Become a member.

Aspiring PM Community


If you’re not an Aspiring PM, help us keep our communities topical and join the most appropriate community.

Product Leader Community


For current Product Management Leaders in role, or between product roles.

Servant Leader


For leaders in partner roles (non-product management roles) and individuals that share our values, and want to learn together.

Coming soon, Product Directors+ community. $349/month

Plus by Praxis Exclusive Articles

Don’t pursue quick-wins. ind wins on the journey.

Don’t pursue quick-wins. Instead, find wins on the journey. This is an accompanying post to an episode of The Product Coach Podcast. The episode, “Great Products come from ‘Product Teams’”, is a part of the How to Build a Product Team series. Let’s say you’re interviewing someone, and you ask what motivates you, and in response…

Building a Product Team. Hiring from Product Manager to Manager of Product.

Concept in brief. While it’s tempting to hire the most senior team you can, an effective product team needs junior talent. By mentoring junior talent, you leverage your senior product managers and increase their product skills by broadening their exposure to problems. When you hire product managers, avoid hiring for a prototypical PM and minimize…

Learning to Master Time

Concept in brief. Time is a resource that you can apply to accomplish your goals, just as money and effort. You can deterministically outperform your peers and competition by acquiring skills at a continuous and long-term sustainable clip. Concept in action. Learning. Develop a strategic plan of what strengths you want to set you a…

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